This blog is about hiking trips along the Valles Caldera Rim. For more information, see link for the Valles Caldera Rim Trail blog.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hiker on Valles Caldera East Rim

Hiker on the east rim of the Valles Caldera in Bandelier National Monument. This is below Cerro Grande's 10,199' summit and overlooks the Valle Grande.  The grove of trees were toasted during the June 2011 Las Conchas wildfire. On the horizon is Redondo Peak, the caldera's resurgent dome. Redondo is not on the caldera rim but is instead within the actual caldera. Thankfully, Bandelier National Monument allows hiking on this short section of the almost 80 mile caldera rim!

Note: The photo and blog post are from October 2012. 

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